6 Weeks to Summer Challenge!

Lets get ready for summer together with this fun, fitness inspired six week summer challenge.  We’re mixing it up with workouts, recipes, and some entertaining LIVE video.  Listen, we want to encourage you to nourish your mind and body.  We want to help you FEEL GOOD!  It isn’t about the swimsuit season and the six pack abs, because let’s be honest, we don’t need that to feel healthy and strong.  What we need is to eat well, move often, rest, and enjoy life.

Sometimes, we fall off the rails and eat more calories or consume too many fast burning carbs.  So when we do, we look at each other and one of us says, “Hey, I need to get back on track.”  The other one says, “Ok, let’s do this!”  It ALWAYS helps to have someone to talk to about nutrition, movement, and those times when oops I just ate six Sanders caramels instead of two.  We do not beat each other up – we LIFT EACH OTHER UP.  We invite you to join the challenge, feel empowered, and move in a forward healthy direction.

Let’s break it down… here is the real deal, guys – THIS IS FREE.

The Challenge:

  • We will make smart, healthy nutrition choices and log our meals with the free app: myfitnesspal.com
  • We will hold each other accountable for our workouts and nutrition
  • If we make a mistake and indulge in food or drink, we will not beat ourselves up.
  • We will make a better, healthy choice at the next meal
  • We will encourage each other to move six days per week
  • We will nourish ourselves with a day of rest every week
  • We will drink water
  • We will mindfully consider our Monday Motivations
  • We will prioritize our own sleep
  • We will have fun

6 weeks to summer 2018 (1)


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