Balancing Acts

Summer 2018This summer join the ladies of MaverickRx on a 10 week summer program designed to help you perform your balancing act with grace and joy.  Connect the dots between your physical health and your joy.  This FREE program will help you stress less and keep working toward fit.

Rhonda and I often talk about how to balance our days and weeks.  Sometimes, and we love them no matter what, but our husbands maybe don’t want to walk through every logistical detail of our scheduling.  From teaching class, to piano, to this conference call, to the dentist, back for that conference call, then work and the dinner. Then soccer practice, showers, reading, prayers and bedtime.  Then its cleaning the kitchen, back to the office, folding laundry, and finally to bed.  Sometimes in the rush rush rush.  I have lost sight of one very significant aspect of this scenario.  Me.

Do you ever feel like that? 

When I notice it usually I’ve gotten pulled into some neighborhood drama or I focus on the dirty laundry on the floor rather than the closet full of clothes in the closet.  I see the dirty floor of my house and not the home we’ve built for our family.

Two years ago Rhonda and I started reading Jesus Calling.  A daily prayer journal.  It starts with a scripture, then gives a little wisdom, and has a few lines for writing thoughts about the day.  I write the three things I am thankful for every single day.  The three things vary depending on the day before or what lies ahead.  Jesus Calling is the second thing I do each day.  (First thing to do is get the coffee.)  Then I jot a few things down about whatever is on my mind or whatever the journal prompt is.

It has undoubtedly helped to balance my life.  I am more inclined to prioritize value in my life.  Waking each day with a gratitude focus has dialed me into a positive mindset that can be easily calmed and more rationale.  The few lines of writing about the day and taking the five to fifteen minutes (sometimes thirty! ) for myself have allowed me the space to connect again with God and with myself.

The person I was before I had my family has not gone away.  She is there, grown up a bit, more mature (80% of the time) but she is still there.  She is still happy and she still loves to write and sing and dance and be goofy.  She still wants to make people smile and hear laughter in her home.  She wants to learn and push people to think.

But when I get off balance, I don’t feel so much like me.  I feel less like me and more like this nagging lunatic of a woman who just wants everyone to eat their entire dinner, help me with the dishes, and brush their teeth the first time I ask.

So this summer, Rhonda and I decided to extend ourselves a little more outside our comfort zones, and offer you an experience that will help you reclaim balance & live your life with intent.  Maybe its not your thing – and that is cool, too.  But it is free and might be just the thing to keep your calm through these hectic 10 weeks of summer.

Beginning Sunday June 3 we will offer a FREE GRATITUDE AND INTENT JOURNAL.  This 10 week summer program is not fitness focused; this program pulls together all aspects of overall mental and physical health – the whole being.  We’ll focus on:

  • Balance
  • Priorities
  • Gratitude
  • Intent
  • Physical Health

The journal is ready for release and will be available to our Facebook group on June 3.  If you’d like a preview, sneaky-peek sign up with MaverickRx on Messenger or join our email Insider group for first dibs.

The journal is one you can print.  You can write on and mark up.  You can also connect with us in Messenger and on the Facebook page posts that will generate some of the discussion and reflection.

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