Build Each Other Up


MAV’s Growth & Gratitude Journal Response: 

This verse speaks to me in several areas of life: professionally and personally.

I teach fitness classes a few mornings each week and I work in marketing for two national fitness brands.  In each of these areas, the more positive I am – the smoother things run.  When met with adversity in business, if I wait to respond without anger, the results are always better.

In my role as a mother, the more encouraging I am and the more I build my kids up, rather than knocking them down, the smoother my household runs.  When I ask my children to do chores, take the time to teach them the new jobs and we all work together at our chores, the better it goes.  But if I give them a job and then yell at them when they don’t do it – we are worse off than if I’d just done the job myself.  When I talk with them about encouraging each other and their friends, the less fighting I have inside my house.  People are more inclined to help each other in my house when I am patient, positive, and consistent.

I also think this verse applies within my marriage.  When we help each other reach goals and talk through challenges together we feel connected, like a team.  When we try to do things on our own, “our own way”, or try not to burden the other person with an issue – we feel disconnected and lonely.

So lately, I’ve been taking pause and running this idea through my head.  How can I respond to build people up?  How can I be encouraging in this situation?

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