Clear Your Mind of Can’t.


MAV’s Growth & Gratitude Journal Response:

You CAN do anything you set your mind to, put consistent effort into, and work hard for.  YOU CAN.

Sometimes though…

I get tripped up on this one daily.  It usually looks like this: “I can’t get everything done today.”

But the truth is, I canIf I set myself up to succeed with a realistic plan & then talk it over with God & then, here is the tricky part, LET GO.

If you are anything like me, you are probably sitting there trying to stuff “10 lbs of apples into a 5 lb bag” (one of my favorite Rhonda-isms.)  But it’s true, so many of us are trying to cram way too much into a single day then feeling overwhelmed & stressed when all the things don’t get done.  I like to prioritize the top 5 items each day – smash those out & then I feel good about anything else that does get accomplished, like icing on the cake.

What I’ve learned though is even when I create my plan & it can be intricate with times by each line item – I have to talk to God about the day & I have to be open to His plan differing from mine.  When I allow for His guidance and help through a day, it runs well even if it doesn’t all get “done.”  I have less anxiety about the tasks, I have more patience with myself (which also trickles to those around me), & I just feel better.

For more details on the MaverickRx Growth & Gratitude Journal send me a message at today.  

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