Running Like We Are On Fire Toward Our Wildest Dreams


MAVs Growth & Gratitude Journal Response:

Why don’t we run like wild TOWARD our wildest dreams?  My daughter and I were at the Taylor Swift concert the other night and Taylor was talking about how she started so young as a songwriter.

It was her wildest dream.  She ran toward it.

We all should be so brave as to chase the exact thing we want.  But so REALISTIC to understand the incredible amount of work it takes to climb to the top of a mountain.  No one ever got to be Taylor Swift without busting serious ass.  Is life worth living without hard work?

I’m starting to think it isn’t.  I’m starting to think the only way to fully live the single life I have been given is by being myself entirely, writing feverishly, and working hard to help people.

My “wildest dreams” have always been to write & help people.  I’m working now to marry the two dreams so I can live my dream.  Because I acknowledge this is the only life I will ever get.

I suggest you figure out your dream and then run like hell-fire AT IT.  

(I would like to wrap by noting one thing: we all gotta pay the bills.  I understand that.  I, too, have bills to pay and therefore work a 50 hour week to get ‘er done.  Running at my dreams is a midnight affair, a crack of dawn, and lunch break obsession.  Creating the path to living your dream might be laden with late nights and long hours..just sayin’)

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