3 Pilates Tips

I started studying Pilates in my twenties and have always been in love with the feel-good format.  I never had great posture as a kid; even today I have to make a mental effort to re-position or re-align throughout the day.  The beauty of Pilates is that it is TRULY for everyone.  All human bodies would benefit from consistent, weekly Pilates practice.

This week’s new workout focuses entirely on Pilates and core strength.  A stronger core decreases back pain and lengthens the body allowing for better overall movement and spinal function.  The fifth workout in our Summer Series on MaverickRx is perfect for all levels of Pilates practitioners.  Keep these 3 Pilates Tips in mind while performing these exercises:

1 – Quality of movement is superior to quantity of movement.  Do each movement purposefully and with skill; do not perform sloppy, fast movement to reach a set number of reps!

2 – Connect your breath with each movement.  Skillfully exhaling when you exert the energy into the movement.

3 – Lengthen all movement away from your calm, controlled center.

Try this ten minute series today!

Make it a great day!


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