Random Dish: Mom Brain

Do you suffer from Mom Brain? If you don’t, consider yourself lucky, or smarter than me. Mom Brain is that thing that happens when you go to put the toaster back in the cupboard, but actually head to the fridge with the appliance instead. It’s the thing that happens when you’re supposed to pick your daughter up from dance class, but instead drive past the dance studio mindlessly until it strikes you…”where am I going?”
For many moms, Mom Brain, strikes at any given moment. It comes on totally out of the blue. I have pinpointed my Mom Brain episodes to be loosely connected to times when I have over-scheduled myself or my kiddos; alternately, it flares up when too many children are talking to me at the same time.
There are a few things that help it. Using a calendar app is incredibly important. Drinking coffee and morning meditation and reflection time also helps immensely. The other thing that helps, a sense of flippin’ humor. We don’t need to be perfect, we need to give our selves a break and stop trying so damn hard to make everything go exactly right. I like to start my day by reviewing the days agenda, drinking a cup of coffee, and reading my devotional. Then I journal for a little bit about the three things I thankful for that day; and I make note of my worries and prayers. Then I give the day to God. I let him lead me through it. Usually, when I organize myself, lower my expectations for perfection, and follow the path before me – things roll better.
What is your funniest mom brain moment?

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