Lasheda’s story…part 2

Rhonda met Lasheda “Cece” at the pool and quickly learned that her story was one we just needed to share. Cece had never learned to swim, and really, never even had any interest in it. Over time she became incredibly fearful of swimming.

But sometimes, life throws you in a direction you don’t expect, and you’re forced to face your fears. In pursuit of her career dreams to be a Navy JAG, Cece had to take the navy swim test – one of the hardest swim tests in the world! Cece learned to swim at the Y. In November we shared her story and we able to connect with her in January to hear how the test went.

We are so proud of her for tackling her fear of swimming and doing the things “she can’t” in order to reach her career goals! Did you miss her first episode in our MaverickRx Rising series? Check it out here!

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