Healthy Weeknight Recipes [Easy Chicken Tacos]

If you’re looking for a REALLY simple, easy and delicious weeknight dinner – you’ve come to the right place! Check out our episode this week where we share Rhonda’s healthy weeknight recipe of easy chicken tacos.

Whether you have a crockpot or instapot the recipe works! Dump everything in, turn the sucker on, and BLAMO! You have dinner and everyone will like it.

Parents probably spend half their life feeding someone. Making breakfast, packing lunch, prepping dinner, and then cleaning all the messes up – has got to be 50% of our existence. It certainly seems that way. Not to mention PLANNING the grocery list and then buying the food. If only we all had an Alice, you know the housekeeper on Brady Bunch, wouldn’t it be AWESOME? Just imagine the pure joy Mrs. Brady must have felt when she DIDN’T have to cook?!

Anyway — we can’t all have an Alice but we all do need to feed our families healthy meals on the regular. Try this one out and let us know in the comments on YouTube if you have a favorite weeknight dinner!

Grab the RECIPE here!

xo – MAV & RT

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