Mom Hack: How to Buy Running Shoes

One of the things that I love about moms is our need to care for other people. One of the things I don’t love about moms is that often we allow that need to care for others to trump caring for ourselves. Our kids are rolling around town in Under Armour from head to toe, while we’re wearing the same pair of gyms shoes for a decade because we don’t want to spend the money on ourselves.

I’m going to cut to the chase here: spend the money on yourself. I’m not saying you should spend the money at the expense of others – but for Pete’s sake, don’t put your own needs last. I can’t tell you how many moms have walked into my group exercise class room and complained of foot, ankle, knee, hip, and low back pain over the past decade. Countless humans. And it isn’t JUST MOMS. Don’t get your briefs in a bunch, Dad. We all put our kids first – and that is cool – but we still need to care for our own bodies. If, as the TRX slogan goes, our body is our machine, we need to take great care of it. The shoe is the best place to start. A good pair of supportive shoes is critical for fitness enthusiasts and especially for runners.

In this week’s episode Rhonda and I went to DNA Active Lifestyle Outfitters for a shoe fitting. Watch as we run through Andy, the owner’s, screening and get a good understanding of why you should hit a local running shoe store asap!


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