Spray Tan Pro’s & Con’s

Have you ever seen been scrolling Groupon and seen a great deal on a spray tan? But naturally, you’re afraid of becoming an Oompa Loompa, so you keep scrolling. This week on MaverickRx, Melissa explores the pros and cons of spray tanning and shows you EXACTLY what to expect!

There are several pros to spray tans, right? There are no UV rays which helps us avoid skin cancer. It is evenly applied thereby reducing the risk of streaking that might accompany self tanning lotions. And sometimes, a little tan just perks you right up. I know I always feel better with a little bronze glow. The con, and this is a big one, is the potential for an orange color. No one wants to look orange.

When you go to get a spray tan, bring grubby clothes that you don’t mind getting the spray tan lotion on. A loose pair of shorts or sweatpants would be ideal. Wear a swim suit that you don’t care about because the mist gets on everything in its path (or go nude, I suppose). Paint your nails with a clear coat of nail polish. Slather on chap stick – like a really thick chap stick (I didn’t do this and wished I had). Coat yourself in the barrier lotion on hands (especially your palms) and feet; be sure to rub some on your knees and elbows if they are dry. Expect to smell like a tanning bed for 24 hours, even after your first shower. The smell just lingers. Expect the spray tanning mist to develop on your skin, the tan all the while darkening, for 24 hours. Expect the color to be at its best about two or three full days after the initial treatment.

I felt like my palms were very orange because I must not have used enough lotion. I joked with Rhonda that I had slapped an Oompa Loompa upside his head! Day three, the orange palms are gone and I think I just look tannish. The orange tint has gone away.

All in all, it was an ok experience and ok tan. I think the sun does a far better job – but appreciate the quick color pick up and UV free option.

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