Maverick [An independent-minded person, or individual who does not follow a group.]

Often people go through their lives trying to be liked; but the fact is, liking ourselves is the real challenge and absolute goal.  Identifying the personal standards to hold oneself to and living up to one’s own expectations is where the real work is.  MarverickRx strives to help each of our Insiders grow their own story, live their best lives, and join their own passions with their own purpose.  We only hope to inspire and motivate positive action forward, lifting each of our Insiders up to reach their goals and potential.

Maybe you’ve happened upon our YouTube channel or your looking to up your brand’s marketing game, either way – we’re here to lift you up, help you move forward, and show you that sometimes work can actually be fun.

Rx [a prescription.]

The “plan” or “recipe” for success incorporates a balance of working hard, exercise, eating well, spending time with family and friends, and enjoying life.  We each have journeys to explore and paths to forge in the creation of our independent prescriptions.  MaverickRx is here to guide you on your quest for the right prescription to meet your needs and to fulfill your heart!

What works for one person, business, or family won’t work for another.  We specialize in listening and helping to find direction for success.  We might not have the answer, but we’ll dig with you and together create a strategy.

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