Meet Melissa

Melissa is a part-time group exercise instructor at the YMCA, a content creator, and digital marketing specialist in the #creditunion and #fitness industries.  She has a long-time love affair with dark chocolate and red wine. Her favorite Saturday night?  Game night with the kiddos.

Melissa graduated from the University of Iowa with a degree in English.  Her career began in high school education.  As a teacher, Melissa was passionate about curriculum development and creative writing.  In 2003 after buying the Mari Winsor series of Pilates videos from a late-night infomercial, Melissa fell in love with Pilates.

In 2007, Melissa had her first of three children and decided to transition out of the English classroom to become a stay-at-home-mom.  While the adventure of being a new mom was exciting, the time at home was harder than she expected.  Melissa decided to take her hobby up a notch and got her first certification to teach Pilates in 2008.  Over time, her passion for fitness grew along with her collection of certifications. Today, she maintains one class each week – Saturday Cycle!

Melissa spends most of her time working to support #financialwellbeing for all in the credit union industry. As a total wellness advocate, she values the #PeopleHelpingPeople philosophy of credit unions. She is also a fierce advocate for physical fitness and works as a member of the team at FiTOUR® Certifications to provide affordable fitness certifications for group fitness instructors and personal trainers. Her favorite hobby? Riding her MYXFitness bike, of course!

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