Meet Rhonda

Rhonda is a storyteller.  Her love for the art of storytelling came from a childhood desire to entertain; she wrote and performed in plays with her cousins and neighbors.  It was the cult classic 90’s film, Reality Bites, that solidified her passion for storytelling in video format.

Rhonda graduated from Illinois State University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Broadcast Journalism and Film Studies.  Rhonda began her career on the University news station, and worked for a small production house doing corporate video and special events.  Rhonda started her own video production business, Roll Tape Productions, where she continued freelance work with small production houses, filming weddings, and special events.  Rhonda has worked with non-for-profits, dance studios, and is loving building out the MaverickRx YouTube channel.  Rhonda’s editing experience has evolved from analog to digital; her passion for storytelling has led her to a rewarding career.

Rhonda brings so much to the table here with MaverickRx.  Combined with her many video talents, her love of life, having fun and finding joy is unparalleled.  Rhonda and Melissa met at the YMCA where Melissa teaches and Rhonda works out.  She is an avid concert attendee, enjoying a wide selection of music from country to pop to singer-songwriter classics.  Rhonda is a firm believer in the power of coffee, the restorative connections of friendship, and the beauty found in dark chocolate and red wine.  Rhonda is the mother of two incredible girls; when she isn’t running them around from one event to the next, she can be found in her den rocking video edits with the powerful Final Cut Pro.