Mom Topic Monday: WIN

Do you ever have a day when you just feel totally overwhelmed; like you can’t come up for air? Today was one of those days for me.

Yesterday in the late afternoon my daughter started having what seemed like an allergic reaction to something. Her mouth, feet, knees and fingers began swelling. Her mouth became so swollen the inside of her lip was on the outside of her mouth. I didn’t panic (exactly) but I did call my mom. I was thinking benadryl, and she suggested hydrogen peroxide because it seemed centralized in her mouth and we thought maybe if there was an allergen we could clean in out. Then I watched my daughter like a hawk all night long. The swelling went down, but not away. This morning, she was still quite puffy.

She has a complicated medical history. When she was four she was diagnosed with systemic onset juvenile idiopathic arthritis. At the time, we believed a case of strep throat triggered it. Then after a couple of years of treatment, and only one real flare up, it was gone and she went into remission. When something unusal happens to her, especially if there is any swelling involved, I have to admit I get a little worried. Ok, anxious, I get very anxious. But the reason is very simple, with systemic onset JIA it exists in the body, dormant until something in the body turns it on. It could be strep, it could be a fever, it could be a fall – anything could really turn it on. I have prayed, forever, that nothing would ever turn it back on.

So that was rolling around my head as I dropped the kids at school and headed to work. I went to work, got about half of the day in, and then the nurse called. Grace was miserable. She’d been texting me a bit throughout the morning so I knew she wasn’t feeling well. I called the pediatrician, took my lunch break and we went to the doctor.

My problem today has been a lack of FOCUS. I have tasks I need to accomplish: work, laundry, groceries, pediatrician, workout, dinner. The same tasks I need to accomplish all the time, but when I have a heavy heart, my focus goes out the window. It feels like I can’t move forward because I don’t know what to do next. Have you ever found yourself stretched too thin?

This brings me to tonight’s episode on MaverickRx titled, “Mom Topic Monday: What’s Important Now.” I recently read an incredible book to help me be more intentional. Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less by Greg McKeown is a book that helps us discern between the “trivial many and the vital few”. According to McKeown, essentialism is the art of doing less, but better.

The art of essentialism truly hit home for me. I am a dreamer, I think big, I go all in. I like action and I don’t sit well on the sidelines; I prefer to be on the field. But while this trait can be totally awesome, it can also create an incredibly long to-do list. Which leads to anxiety. Which leads to underperforming. Which leads to increased anxiety. The book essentialism taught be a few truly actionable skills to apply to my entire life. My biggest take away was from Chapter 19: Focus, What’s Important Now (WIN).

The chapter opens with a brief description of an undefeated high school rugby coach who attributes his succes to WIN. Not the act of winning, the acronym – What’s Important Now (WIN). He teaches his players to apply the acronym to every aspect of the game on and off the field. Rather than focusing on the play that just went poorly, the team focuses on “what’s important now” – to move the ball down the field. Rather than focusing on how the other team is playing, they focus on “what’s important now” in their own play. McKeown goes on to share a hectic night of his own during a conference away from home. He got back to his room at the end of a very long day and his mind was spinning. The following day would be full. He remembered the coach, and he thought “what’s important now.” He realized that by asking that one question he could turn off the noise of the trivial many, and focus on the vital few. He took the steps he needed to settle down and get to bed: he called his wife and kids, he prepared his clothes for the next morning, called for a wake up call and ordered his breakfast to arrive in the morning. He was intentional and so he could perform better.

This concept applies to every single one of us – ESPECIALLY PARENTS. What’s Important Now has been a game changer in my life. Today, for instance, when I was bolting to the school to pick up my daughter, she was my WIN. While I spoke to the doctor, he was my WIN. When we left his office, the pharmacy was my WIN. Getting her home and giving her medicine and making sure she was comfortable was important. Then I was able to work. When I sat down at my computer, and looked at my lists, I applied WIN to determine which item to do first. When that was done, I did it again. I repeat this cycle

The hardest part thing to grasp about WIN is that something DOES NOT GET DONE. Today, for me, it was the phone and exercise. I couldn’t take calls, engage in texts, or stay up to the minute on notifications. I couldn’t make it to the gym to take my very favorite fitness class because, sadly, today it was one of the trivial few. Some days WIN expects that of me. I have to let things that are important to me go so that I can focus on NOW. The fact is NOW is all there is.

I hit the ground running with WIN. First fiber, second coffee, third meditation and prayer, fourth social checks, and fifth the kids. Being intentional with how I use my time has allowed me to be more present in each of the places I need to show up. Getting the day started for my kids, creating a video at work, designing a social media giveaway – when I am focused on the vital few I am more productive, focused and less stressed.

It is NOT EASY TO DO. There are times, like today, when I have to lean in and pray hard to God for help focusing and letting go of worry. I ask for strength to get through each step of the day. Some days that are so very hard. We expect a crazy amount from ourselves and often need to cut ourselves some slack. The trouble is, the list does need to get done. The book helped me cope with my anxiety by giving me some tools to discern between what’s important and what can wait.

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Mom Topic Monday: Inadequacy

Have you ever read a steamy romance novel by Nora Roberts?  I have not.  But I have read a trending tweet that quoted the best-selling novelist as saying: “The key to juggling is to know that some of the balls you have in the air are made of plastic and some are made of glass.  If you drop a plastic ball, it bounces, no harm done.  If you drop a glass ball, it shatters, so you have to know which balls are glass and which are plastic and prioitize catching the glass ones.”

In the constant struggle to find work/life balance Robert’s advice gives us a powerful analogy that asks us to set realistic expectations of ourselves.  The idea that we should be doing it all, all of the time in order to feel like “good moms” rubs me the wrong way. We are human and we shouldn’t expect perfection in every area and moment of our lives. There are days when everthing rolls so well – super smooth, no hiccups. Then there are days when it feels like roadblock after roadblock.

If you’ve ever felt inadequate, as if you’re dropping the glass balls in your life, tonight’s episode is a MUST WATCH.  We have certainly felt the pang of inadequacy, in fact, it’s our Mom Topic Monday tonight!     

We also share an important scripture that gives us strength when we are struggling. Grab the printable coloring page for tonight’s scripture; and, please share the mission of MaverickRx with your #momfriends by forwarding this email to a mom who could use some encouragement tonight!  

Instagram Tutorial for Parents

Do your kids use instagram? If that is the case…NEWSFLASH! You need to get on instagram and get to know the platform, watch this week’s episode to see some essential privacy settings, and make sure you are keeping your kiddos safe online.

The thing is, this is one of those areas where modern parenting and old school parenting needs to co-exist. We live in a modern world with social media influencing everything from the clothes we buy to the way we pray. If we use social media regularly, depending on what we scroll through, our mood is effected. What we see on a daily basis has power.

With that being the case – and as a 42 year old woman – I understand that what I see is not always real, right, or legitamate. My child, on the other hand, does not. Kids believe everything they see online. This morning, for instance, my son said that “Nike is for basketball, Under Armor is for football, and Adidas for soccer.” I said, “I don’t know about that – a lot of NFL players wear Nike.” He said, “No mom, its true I saw it on the internet.” I of course replied, “Don’t believe everything you see online.” And he laughed as if I was insane.

The fact is though, our children are IMPRESSIONABLE. Teens on instagram are flooded with images of other teens, celebrities, and lifestyles that are often NOT ACCURATE. Beyond that, kids are brutal mean on social media.

SOAP BOX RANR ALERT: I’ll be honest with you, when I hear a parent say, “I don’t even understand instagram…” (or any platform) I want to scream. Guys, this is our role – protect the child, teach them right from wrong, provide food/shelter/love, and most of all GET IN THEIR BUSINESS. Ask questions, insert yourself into their lives; this is what we are supposed to do. We aren’t supposed to act as if we’re too old to understand what they are in to. We are supposed to figure it out because guess what, if it can harm them — you need to know! And if you hadn’t already gotten this memo let me spell it out for you one more time – SOCIAL MEDIA CAN BE A NEGATIVE, HURTFUL INFLUENCE IN YOUR KIDS LIVES. Figure it out, learn the new thing!

It’s like my fave comedian, Sebastian Maniscalco, says – GO IN THEIR ROOM. In a recent comedy special he was talking about how different parents are today vs parents in this 80s. His parents were in his business. His mom going through his drawers, checking under his bed, looking under the mattress. That was her role – to make sure he wasn’t up to no good. And if he was, to steer him in a better direction. Now, from the sound of it, he was steered in a better direction with an old school approach. My husband often refers to his dad’s belt as his teacher growing up.

I am not suggesting you beat your kids — but I am 175,000% for you GETTING IN THEIR BUSINESS. I am absolutely on board with making it known that I love the daylights out of my kids and I want to know everything about them. I certainly want to know what kind of posts they make on social media and if they are INAPPROPRIATE I will make them take them down. I want to know if there is an a-hole bullying my kid online and if there is I want to speak to her parents.

I’m not satisfied with kids being in charge. Kids are not in charge. YOU ARE THE PARENT, YOU ARE IN CHARGE. So if they won’t let you see what they post on instagram…guess what – there is something wrong. They should not have instagram. If they won’t let you in their bedroom…guess what – there is something wrong. You need to get in that room.

Sure, maybe it’s normal stuff. Maybe it’s things they think are “private” and you see the thing and say, “Ok, kiddo – no biggie…” Everyone has something. But MAYBE IT IS A BIGGIE. Maybe it’s a bully shaming them, maybe it’s a boyfriend talking super dirty, maybe its an arsenal! Our JOB is to protect, teach, guide, and LOVE. It is OK if the kid doesn’t always like you. If you’re doing your job right, your kid WON’T ALWAYS LIKE YOU. Accept that and move on.


How to Make a Mojito with Bacardi

Do you have a garden overflowing with mint? A few years ago, Rhonda planted mint to start a garden. Year after year, though, the mint keeps coming back leaving very little room for anything else!

This week on MaverickRx Rhonda shares a delicious cocktail recipe that calls for mint. The Mojito! Just a couple simple ingredients combine to create a refreshing cocktail that adds a delicous, and cheap, cocktail for your next get together!

Watch the episode tonight to learn how to make the mojito with bacardi and click here to download the recipe!

How Many Hats do Moms Wear?

Do you ever feel like you wear a million hats? We certainly do. From driver to maid to chef, moms (and dads, too!) wear a lot of hats. We often feel overwhelmed by all the jobs we have. While we are beyond grateful to be moms, sometimes it is just heavy work.

Every day we turn to our faith for strength and to stay centered; when we feel overwhelmed by the worry, the to-do list, or the laundry our faith plays a major role. Truly, I never knew worry the way I now know worry. The worry of motherhood is consuming and truly, there is no end in sight. I remember when I first had my daughter I mentioned not sleeping to my mom. She was honest and said, “yeah…. that’s gone until she leaves the house for good…not college, that’s even worse, but for good – when she’s on her own.” I was like “Wait…what?” Truly though, the weight of motherhood isn’t one that anyone shares before a person becomes a mom.

I often feel like we do a disservice to our comrades by not communicating the truth of parenting. We glorify parenthood, because it is glorious, but in so doing we fail to prepare future parents for the reality of job. Parenthood is 24/7/365 – unlike any other role. You are never off the clock, you are never without the hat of being a mother. You might be off enjoying your first girls weekend away after having a baby thinking, “Yes! I can chill!” And then you get a call that your eight month old daughter has croup and will likely need to be hospitalized. So you and your supportive friends quickly pack up the car and bust ass back home so you can be there for your kid. Because, while chilling with girlfriends is essential and so great – in your heart, as a mother, there is no better place to be than at home taking care of the kids that you created.

When all that weight and reality of our emotions connected with the jobs and hats of motherhood feels like too much – lean in. Lean into God, lean in to your husband, lean into family and friends, and lean into the role. Pray and ask for strength, and it will be given. Pray and ask for help, and it will be given. But never assume that anyone just knows you need help – even your husband or own mother – you must reach out. Don’t let yourself drown in the weight of the work and worry. If you’re wearing the driver hat too often and need a break – speak up. If you’re overwhelmed by the dishes, the yard, the cleaning, the cooking – you have to speak up for yourself and ask for help.

Leaning into God when motherhood feels heavy is legitimately the only way I ever get through any of it. He has big enough shoulders for all of your worries and strength to spare when you need it. Take a breath, step outside, and raise yourself up and ask Him for help.

You got this, mama. You. Got. This.

To hear a few verses that lift us when we struggle with the weight of parenting, watch our latest episode on YouTube! We share the ten hats we’re rotating through the most and the scripture that helps us power up for the day!

Much Love To You.


Spray Tan Pro’s & Con’s

Have you ever seen been scrolling Groupon and seen a great deal on a spray tan? But naturally, you’re afraid of becoming an Oompa Loompa, so you keep scrolling. This week on MaverickRx, Melissa explores the pros and cons of spray tanning and shows you EXACTLY what to expect!

There are several pros to spray tans, right? There are no UV rays which helps us avoid skin cancer. It is evenly applied thereby reducing the risk of streaking that might accompany self tanning lotions. And sometimes, a little tan just perks you right up. I know I always feel better with a little bronze glow. The con, and this is a big one, is the potential for an orange color. No one wants to look orange.

When you go to get a spray tan, bring grubby clothes that you don’t mind getting the spray tan lotion on. A loose pair of shorts or sweatpants would be ideal. Wear a swim suit that you don’t care about because the mist gets on everything in its path (or go nude, I suppose). Paint your nails with a clear coat of nail polish. Slather on chap stick – like a really thick chap stick (I didn’t do this and wished I had). Coat yourself in the barrier lotion on hands (especially your palms) and feet; be sure to rub some on your knees and elbows if they are dry. Expect to smell like a tanning bed for 24 hours, even after your first shower. The smell just lingers. Expect the spray tanning mist to develop on your skin, the tan all the while darkening, for 24 hours. Expect the color to be at its best about two or three full days after the initial treatment.

I felt like my palms were very orange because I must not have used enough lotion. I joked with Rhonda that I had slapped an Oompa Loompa upside his head! Day three, the orange palms are gone and I think I just look tannish. The orange tint has gone away.

All in all, it was an ok experience and ok tan. I think the sun does a far better job – but appreciate the quick color pick up and UV free option.

Mom Hack: How to Buy Running Shoes

One of the things that I love about moms is our need to care for other people. One of the things I don’t love about moms is that often we allow that need to care for others to trump caring for ourselves. Our kids are rolling around town in Under Armour from head to toe, while we’re wearing the same pair of gyms shoes for a decade because we don’t want to spend the money on ourselves.

I’m going to cut to the chase here: spend the money on yourself. I’m not saying you should spend the money at the expense of others – but for Pete’s sake, don’t put your own needs last. I can’t tell you how many moms have walked into my group exercise class room and complained of foot, ankle, knee, hip, and low back pain over the past decade. Countless humans. And it isn’t JUST MOMS. Don’t get your briefs in a bunch, Dad. We all put our kids first – and that is cool – but we still need to care for our own bodies. If, as the TRX slogan goes, our body is our machine, we need to take great care of it. The shoe is the best place to start. A good pair of supportive shoes is critical for fitness enthusiasts and especially for runners.

In this week’s episode Rhonda and I went to DNA Active Lifestyle Outfitters for a shoe fitting. Watch as we run through Andy, the owner’s, screening and get a good understanding of why you should hit a local running shoe store asap!


Much love,


Best Devotional Books [Christian Moms]

Do you ever feel off-center, stressed out, and overwhelmed? This week Melissa & Rhonda share four daily devotional book titles with you that help them stay centered. Each day is a new adventure in motherhood, right? We get up, we hit the ground running. And some days are just STRESSFUL!

We have found the more we rely on God to carry our worries, the easier our days are. To keep that simple act in mind, we start each day with five to forty-five minutes with our daily devotional books. Some days, we only have a few minutes, while other days we can really sit down and focus on the devotional and time for our prayers. We release our worries and ask for guidance. In doing this small act, we’ve found that time and time again – it helps!

Watch our latest episode and learn the titles of the books we rely on to stay centered and let our lights shine into the world around us.

Much love,