Before & After: Charcoal Masks and Toothpaste

Have you ever wondered what all the fuss is about the trendy charcoal products? We’re trying these products out tonight! First we’ll try the charcoal powder toothpaste and give it our review. Next we try charcoal cleansing wipes (that Rhonda’s mom gave us!) and then we’ll finish with a charcoal face mask. These products are really hot recently because charcoal draws bacteria and toxins out.

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Healthy Weeknight Recipes [Easy Chicken Tacos]

If you’re looking for a REALLY simple, easy and delicious weeknight dinner – you’ve come to the right place! Check out our episode this week where we share Rhonda’s healthy weeknight recipe of easy chicken tacos.

Whether you have a crockpot or instapot the recipe works! Dump everything in, turn the sucker on, and BLAMO! You have dinner and everyone will like it.

Parents probably spend half their life feeding someone. Making breakfast, packing lunch, prepping dinner, and then cleaning all the messes up – has got to be 50% of our existence. It certainly seems that way. Not to mention PLANNING the grocery list and then buying the food. If only we all had an Alice, you know the housekeeper on Brady Bunch, wouldn’t it be AWESOME? Just imagine the pure joy Mrs. Brady must have felt when she DIDN’T have to cook?!

Anyway — we can’t all have an Alice but we all do need to feed our families healthy meals on the regular. Try this one out and let us know in the comments on YouTube if you have a favorite weeknight dinner!

Grab the RECIPE here!

xo – MAV & RT

How To Be Romantic with Your Wife (The 5 Love Languages Test FREE)

If you’ve ever wondered why it seems like you and your spouse speak different languages – this is the answer. You speak different LOVE languages. Most people value one form of affection more than another. In this week’s episode we explore the FREE 5 Love Languages test and give you four simple steps to get on the same page as your partner…FOR GOOD!

Want some great ideas on how to put the love languages into action? Unsure what it means if your partner is a “words of affirmation” person while you are a “receiving gifts” person? Click here to download a free tip sheet of examples for each love language!

At Home Couples Workout (Plus Partner Body weight Exercises)

Partner workouts can be a little silly sometimes.  I don’t know about you, but I am not able, nor interested, in hanging upside down from my husband’s waist to do sit ups.  Sometimes when I see the stuff couple’s are doing for their “partner workouts” on social media, I cringe! Either they look like they are going to hurt themselves or it just looks too challenging.  I’m not a professional athlete or bodybuilder, I’m just a mom who wants to live a healthy, balanced lifestyle. I might love kale and beets, but I also love chocolate and red wine. Nothing makes me quite as happy as box jumps, but reading a good book is a close second.   

In this week’s episode on MaverickRx, Rhonda and I share a quick, fun partner workout that couples or best buds can do to improve core strength, make fitness fun, and get a good sweat on!  

There are so many proven benefits of exercise; but did you know having a workout buddy, or accountability partner makes an incredible difference in fitness consistency? According to the IDEA Fitness Journal (volume 10, issue 3) people persist longer through exercise with a partner.

Maybe it’s time for YOU to try working out with a partner?  Download the workout from today’s episode here!  

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Lasheda’s story…part 2

Rhonda met Lasheda “Cece” at the pool and quickly learned that her story was one we just needed to share. Cece had never learned to swim, and really, never even had any interest in it. Over time she became incredibly fearful of swimming.

But sometimes, life throws you in a direction you don’t expect, and you’re forced to face your fears. In pursuit of her career dreams to be a Navy JAG, Cece had to take the navy swim test – one of the hardest swim tests in the world! Cece learned to swim at the Y. In November we shared her story and we able to connect with her in January to hear how the test went.

We are so proud of her for tackling her fear of swimming and doing the things “she can’t” in order to reach her career goals! Did you miss her first episode in our MaverickRx Rising series? Check it out here!

Valentine’s Scavenger Hunt [How To get Kids to Listen on Valentine’s Day]

It’s that time of year again: Valentine’s Day! In this week’s episode Melissa shares her favorite Valentine’s Day tradition – a simple, fun scavenger hunt for the kids.

Download the Steps to the Valentine’s Scavenger Hunt (How To Get Kids to Listen…on Valentine’s Day) TODAY!

How to Make a Sweet Cosmopolitan Cocktail (The Best Valentine’s Day Cocktail)

If you’re looking for a great Valentine’s Day Cocktail – you’ve landed on the right blog. I’ve wowed handfuls of people with this super simple, sweet cosmopolitan cocktail & it’s the easiest recipe!

Check out the recipe Melissa uses to WOW handfuls of people in our latest episode on YouTube! Click here to TWEET THIS VIDEO. Please watch, comment, like and share!

Click here to download the recipe today!

In Support of Breast Cancer: Jelena’s Story

I sat down at Jelena’s kitchen table to meet Jelena for the first time.  Her story, a journey with breast cancer, is one that touches so close to home for me.  As a daughter and niece of women touched by breast cancer, each year when October rolls around I feel compelled to turn my attention to breast cancer awareness in new ways.  For many years I participated in Y-Me and Relay for Life, in honor of my aunts: Bonnie, who lost her battle with cancer and Mary, who has fought many times, still nurturing her body through post-chemo illnesses and conditions.  After my own mother was diagnosed, I tried to rally some troops locally at our YMCA to generate support for the victims and survivors of breast cancer.  This year we decided to take another direction and share the story of what really happens after a diagnosis from a survivor herself.  Enter Jelena.

Jelena was diagnosed just last year, 2017, and quickly sought aggressive treatment at the Cancer Treatment Centers of America.  She went through a long and destructive course of chemotherapy; she followed that quickly with an invasive double mastectomy.  Jelena shared her story with me for a couple hours in September, over a very strong cup of Turkish coffee in her home. We took a few moments to enjoy the beautiful day and turn our attention to the future.  The conversation left me forever changed, touched by her strength under such intense sickness; my heart warmed by the support her family shared with her.

In part one of our four part series with Jelena we learn about life before cancer and the day she learned she had breast cancer.

Random Dish: Mom Brain

Do you suffer from Mom Brain? If you don’t, consider yourself lucky, or smarter than me. Mom Brain is that thing that happens when you go to put the toaster back in the cupboard, but actually head to the fridge with the appliance instead. It’s the thing that happens when you’re supposed to pick your daughter up from dance class, but instead drive past the dance studio mindlessly until it strikes you…”where am I going?”
For many moms, Mom Brain, strikes at any given moment. It comes on totally out of the blue. I have pinpointed my Mom Brain episodes to be loosely connected to times when I have over-scheduled myself or my kiddos; alternately, it flares up when too many children are talking to me at the same time.
There are a few things that help it. Using a calendar app is incredibly important. Drinking coffee and morning meditation and reflection time also helps immensely. The other thing that helps, a sense of flippin’ humor. We don’t need to be perfect, we need to give our selves a break and stop trying so damn hard to make everything go exactly right. I like to start my day by reviewing the days agenda, drinking a cup of coffee, and reading my devotional. Then I journal for a little bit about the three things I thankful for that day; and I make note of my worries and prayers. Then I give the day to God. I let him lead me through it. Usually, when I organize myself, lower my expectations for perfection, and follow the path before me – things roll better.
What is your funniest mom brain moment?

Summer Workout 6

This weeks Tuesday Workout is a 10 minute HIIT.  Set your timer to 20 seconds of rest and 40 seconds of work, grab a set of weights and a mat for today’s sweat sesh!

  1. Curtsy
  2. Burpee with a Bicep Curl
  3. Tricep Pushup
  4. Bigger Curtsy —little bit of a hop added
  5. Half Burpee
  6. Tricep Extension
  7. Speed Skater
  8. Mountain Climb (for speed with quality)
  9. Bicep Curls with Alternating Step Back Lunge
  10. Curtsy (increasing size and speed)

Remember, if you’re looking for accountability, a community of like-minded individuals, and some fresh workout ideas – MaverickRx is here FOR YOU!  Stay in the know by following us on social media and keep us posted with your progress and goals by emailing Melissa directly.  Click “Contact Us” in the top right corner of our website to get in touch.

Make it a great day!  -MAV