Family time is incredibly valuable to us.  Finding the time to connect with the kiddos and helping them explore the world and who they are within it is a passion of ours.  Like most parents, our kiddos are our number one priority.  But there is more to our family lives than our kids.  Marriage is a vital connection that needs attention and care as well.  Living with another human creates challenge – just think back to sharing a bathroom with your own siblings!  Compassion, patience, and good communication are key – plus the space to be our own people.


Whether you are looking for motivation and inspiration or you are ready to try a new fitness format.  We provide free workouts, a community of fun, laughter loving folks who are striving for a realistic, healthy & authentic existence.  We want to help you reach your personal goals both inside the gym and outside the gym!  Join our community of Mavericks and live life to your fullest!


We believe in God.  He gets us through the days from our first cup of coffee to the bedtime kisses.  We are not here to preach to you about accepting our God as yours.  Only to share some key ingredients for the balancing act called life that work for us from sun up to sun down.


Fitness, family, and faith might be the meat of this existence – but friendships and the fun we have together in the communities we build for ourselves is vital to a healthy, happy lifestyle.  Friendship and having fun give more life to your years and years to your life!