Mom Topic Monday: Inadequacy

Have you ever read a steamy romance novel by Nora Roberts?  I have not.  But I have read a trending tweet that quoted the best-selling novelist as saying: “The key to juggling is to know that some of the balls you have in the air are made of plastic and some are made of glass.  If you drop a plastic ball, it bounces, no harm done.  If you drop a glass ball, it shatters, so you have to know which balls are glass and which are plastic and prioitize catching the glass ones.”

In the constant struggle to find work/life balance Robert’s advice gives us a powerful analogy that asks us to set realistic expectations of ourselves.  The idea that we should be doing it all, all of the time in order to feel like “good moms” rubs me the wrong way. We are human and we shouldn’t expect perfection in every area and moment of our lives. There are days when everthing rolls so well – super smooth, no hiccups. Then there are days when it feels like roadblock after roadblock.

If you’ve ever felt inadequate, as if you’re dropping the glass balls in your life, tonight’s episode is a MUST WATCH.  We have certainly felt the pang of inadequacy, in fact, it’s our Mom Topic Monday tonight!     

We also share an important scripture that gives us strength when we are struggling. Grab the printable coloring page for tonight’s scripture; and, please share the mission of MaverickRx with your #momfriends by forwarding this email to a mom who could use some encouragement tonight!  

Spray Tan Pro’s & Con’s

Have you ever seen been scrolling Groupon and seen a great deal on a spray tan? But naturally, you’re afraid of becoming an Oompa Loompa, so you keep scrolling. This week on MaverickRx, Melissa explores the pros and cons of spray tanning and shows you EXACTLY what to expect!

There are several pros to spray tans, right? There are no UV rays which helps us avoid skin cancer. It is evenly applied thereby reducing the risk of streaking that might accompany self tanning lotions. And sometimes, a little tan just perks you right up. I know I always feel better with a little bronze glow. The con, and this is a big one, is the potential for an orange color. No one wants to look orange.

When you go to get a spray tan, bring grubby clothes that you don’t mind getting the spray tan lotion on. A loose pair of shorts or sweatpants would be ideal. Wear a swim suit that you don’t care about because the mist gets on everything in its path (or go nude, I suppose). Paint your nails with a clear coat of nail polish. Slather on chap stick – like a really thick chap stick (I didn’t do this and wished I had). Coat yourself in the barrier lotion on hands (especially your palms) and feet; be sure to rub some on your knees and elbows if they are dry. Expect to smell like a tanning bed for 24 hours, even after your first shower. The smell just lingers. Expect the spray tanning mist to develop on your skin, the tan all the while darkening, for 24 hours. Expect the color to be at its best about two or three full days after the initial treatment.

I felt like my palms were very orange because I must not have used enough lotion. I joked with Rhonda that I had slapped an Oompa Loompa upside his head! Day three, the orange palms are gone and I think I just look tannish. The orange tint has gone away.

All in all, it was an ok experience and ok tan. I think the sun does a far better job – but appreciate the quick color pick up and UV free option.

Mom Hack: How to Buy Running Shoes

One of the things that I love about moms is our need to care for other people. One of the things I don’t love about moms is that often we allow that need to care for others to trump caring for ourselves. Our kids are rolling around town in Under Armour from head to toe, while we’re wearing the same pair of gyms shoes for a decade because we don’t want to spend the money on ourselves.

I’m going to cut to the chase here: spend the money on yourself. I’m not saying you should spend the money at the expense of others – but for Pete’s sake, don’t put your own needs last. I can’t tell you how many moms have walked into my group exercise class room and complained of foot, ankle, knee, hip, and low back pain over the past decade. Countless humans. And it isn’t JUST MOMS. Don’t get your briefs in a bunch, Dad. We all put our kids first – and that is cool – but we still need to care for our own bodies. If, as the TRX slogan goes, our body is our machine, we need to take great care of it. The shoe is the best place to start. A good pair of supportive shoes is critical for fitness enthusiasts and especially for runners.

In this week’s episode Rhonda and I went to DNA Active Lifestyle Outfitters for a shoe fitting. Watch as we run through Andy, the owner’s, screening and get a good understanding of why you should hit a local running shoe store asap!


Much love,


Best Devotional Books [Christian Moms]

Do you ever feel off-center, stressed out, and overwhelmed? This week Melissa & Rhonda share four daily devotional book titles with you that help them stay centered. Each day is a new adventure in motherhood, right? We get up, we hit the ground running. And some days are just STRESSFUL!

We have found the more we rely on God to carry our worries, the easier our days are. To keep that simple act in mind, we start each day with five to forty-five minutes with our daily devotional books. Some days, we only have a few minutes, while other days we can really sit down and focus on the devotional and time for our prayers. We release our worries and ask for guidance. In doing this small act, we’ve found that time and time again – it helps!

Watch our latest episode and learn the titles of the books we rely on to stay centered and let our lights shine into the world around us.

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Before & After: Charcoal Masks and Toothpaste

Have you ever wondered what all the fuss is about the trendy charcoal products? We’re trying these products out tonight! First we’ll try the charcoal powder toothpaste and give it our review. Next we try charcoal cleansing wipes (that Rhonda’s mom gave us!) and then we’ll finish with a charcoal face mask. These products are really hot recently because charcoal draws bacteria and toxins out.

Watch this week’s episode and be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel, too! Drop us a comment below the video if you’ve got a skin care product that you just love. We’d love to get some tips for under eye bags.

At Home Couples Workout (Plus Partner Body weight Exercises)

Partner workouts can be a little silly sometimes.  I don’t know about you, but I am not able, nor interested, in hanging upside down from my husband’s waist to do sit ups.  Sometimes when I see the stuff couple’s are doing for their “partner workouts” on social media, I cringe! Either they look like they are going to hurt themselves or it just looks too challenging.  I’m not a professional athlete or bodybuilder, I’m just a mom who wants to live a healthy, balanced lifestyle. I might love kale and beets, but I also love chocolate and red wine. Nothing makes me quite as happy as box jumps, but reading a good book is a close second.   

In this week’s episode on MaverickRx, Rhonda and I share a quick, fun partner workout that couples or best buds can do to improve core strength, make fitness fun, and get a good sweat on!  

There are so many proven benefits of exercise; but did you know having a workout buddy, or accountability partner makes an incredible difference in fitness consistency? According to the IDEA Fitness Journal (volume 10, issue 3) people persist longer through exercise with a partner.

Maybe it’s time for YOU to try working out with a partner?  Download the workout from today’s episode here!  

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Valentine’s Scavenger Hunt [How To get Kids to Listen on Valentine’s Day]

It’s that time of year again: Valentine’s Day! In this week’s episode Melissa shares her favorite Valentine’s Day tradition – a simple, fun scavenger hunt for the kids.

Download the Steps to the Valentine’s Scavenger Hunt (How To Get Kids to Listen…on Valentine’s Day) TODAY!

How to Make a Sweet Cosmopolitan Cocktail (The Best Valentine’s Day Cocktail)

If you’re looking for a great Valentine’s Day Cocktail – you’ve landed on the right blog. I’ve wowed handfuls of people with this super simple, sweet cosmopolitan cocktail & it’s the easiest recipe!

Check out the recipe Melissa uses to WOW handfuls of people in our latest episode on YouTube! Click here to TWEET THIS VIDEO. Please watch, comment, like and share!

Click here to download the recipe today!

Calories In…Calories Out

I believe it boils down to the simplest of realities;  whether you approach food selection with the Keto lense, the weight watchers lense, the Atkins lense – the simple fact is if you eat more calories than you burn you will not lose weight.  If you eat substantially more than you burn you will most likely gain weight.  If you eat as much as you burn you’ll stay steady.  Portion size MATTERS.  

As you know, I am a fan of @myfitnesspal because it hold me accountable for my food choices.  I can make mistakes.  I can eat too much peanut butter.  But I can also get back on track at the next meal.  I can see if how much I burn, if I exercise and if I don’t, on my @fitbit versa and then when I look at my log I know if I’m in the losing weight, gaining weight, or staying steady zones.  

But logging food might not be your thing.  GUESS WHAT?  That is ok!!!  You don’t have to do what I do.  You don’t have to do what your bff does.  You don’t have to listen to your mother.  You need to find what fits for YOU & be as consistent as you can with that exercise and nutrition plan. 

At MaverickRx we believe it is your choice to be happy. You can choose the path to that happiness and we will encourage you along the way!  

In Support of Breast Cancer: Jelena’s Story

I sat down at Jelena’s kitchen table to meet Jelena for the first time.  Her story, a journey with breast cancer, is one that touches so close to home for me.  As a daughter and niece of women touched by breast cancer, each year when October rolls around I feel compelled to turn my attention to breast cancer awareness in new ways.  For many years I participated in Y-Me and Relay for Life, in honor of my aunts: Bonnie, who lost her battle with cancer and Mary, who has fought many times, still nurturing her body through post-chemo illnesses and conditions.  After my own mother was diagnosed, I tried to rally some troops locally at our YMCA to generate support for the victims and survivors of breast cancer.  This year we decided to take another direction and share the story of what really happens after a diagnosis from a survivor herself.  Enter Jelena.

Jelena was diagnosed just last year, 2017, and quickly sought aggressive treatment at the Cancer Treatment Centers of America.  She went through a long and destructive course of chemotherapy; she followed that quickly with an invasive double mastectomy.  Jelena shared her story with me for a couple hours in September, over a very strong cup of Turkish coffee in her home. We took a few moments to enjoy the beautiful day and turn our attention to the future.  The conversation left me forever changed, touched by her strength under such intense sickness; my heart warmed by the support her family shared with her.

In part one of our four part series with Jelena we learn about life before cancer and the day she learned she had breast cancer.