My best thinking.

night owlSometimes I think “Melissa, go to bed.”  But that would be silly.  I do my best thinking at night.  I create.  I dream.  Even if I’m sleeping, I’m dreaming some crazy business.  My brain lights up at night time.  I think it is one of the parts of me that I love and hate.

If you have children, you understand.  Night owls pay a hefty price come 6 am when the little darlings start to pitter-patter.  My children are old enough now to leave me the f’ alone.   When I had my girl, we call her Goose, I sorta became a morning person.  Because there she was so stinking cute every.single.morning.  What was a mom supposed to do?

But the fact is now, they get up and they TRY to get past my bedroom door in the mornings so they can have their “me time”.  They get dressed and ready for whatever the day will bring.  There is no “me time” unless you’re ready to walk out the door.  The fellas get up, get dressed, watch some TV or play Fortnite and are ready to hit the breakfast table when I ring that bell.

It’s a flipping fantasy land blessing that these creatures are letting me sleep in on the weekend.  I’m like “AHHH!!  It’s me!  Welcome back to stays up late sleeps until 9 Melissa!”

So why am always trying to change what seems like innate parts of me.  And I’m not alone – people everywhere are on major missions to change.  But do we need to change everythign?

This madness has to stop.  Why do people try to make things different all the time?  Don’t you kick ass just the way you are?  So maybe there are a few things you need to polish up.  Don’t be one of those jag offs who swears in front of stranger’s children.  Keep it together in public, you know.  Aside from literally being an asshole, we’re all allowed a certain amount of give from the idea of “perfection”, right?

I don’t really want to reform my night owl ways.  I should embrace them.  I should quit trying so damn hard to give up on chocolate.  I love chocolate.  I should give voice to my faith.  I should drink more water.

We all have shoulds.  I should mow the grass.  I should schedule the doc appointment.

Just Do you.  Best as you can, just as you are.  Embrace the night owl.