Fantasy Football

What am I thinking?  I can’t be the commissioner for a fantasy football league.


  • My kid likes football
  • It is a Sunday afternoon delight
  • Snacks
  • Wine
  • Hoodies and yoga pants
  • I know there are two divisions the AFC and the NFC
  • Bonding with my kid


  • I don’t know squat about current players
  • I frequently forget all the positions of the players on the field
  • Sometimes I don’t remember which down we’re at
  • I don’t know the difference between the teams on the AFC or the NFC
  • I don’t do good just sitting around on the couch
  • I’ll have to read or work on the side
  • I should be taking my kids to church
  • Just another app to follow on my phone

Cons has it by one so far.  But I’ve already bought the league and sent the invites.

It is interesting what people will do to make their kid smile.  Well, I suppose I can only speak for myself.  But I like to make my kids happy.  I don’t shy away from pissing them off with chores and homework and baths.  But when I can make them happy, when I get the right backpack, or make a dinner they all enjoy – I’m pleased and it feels good.

So I guess we’ll just see how this goes! 

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